Mastering Esp32 Camera (pre-sale)

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Mastering Esp32 Camera (pre-sale)

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The Esp32 camera is a cheap, yet powerful device and the most straightforward way to add vision to your DIY projects.

Its main pain point?

Missing GOOD learning material.

Most tutorials on the web are either messy or only teach you the basics of camera programming, and you're left on your own to figure out how to implement more complex, actually useful projects.

If you want to take the next step and create something actually usable, there's no luck out there.

But that's going to change!

Enter "The Ultimate Guide to Master the Esp32 Camera": 16 chapters that will skyrocket your skills from beginner to expert in a matter of days.

You don't have to be an expert programmer to follow the book: I will teach you the basics and build on each chapter to create sophisticated applications that you can adapt to your own needs in a matter of minutes.

No hard-thinking for you.

Here's the scheduled Table of Contents:


  1. Hardware and Software setup (done)
  2. Camera configuration (done)
  3. Get your first photo (done)


  1. Live Video Streaming (done)
  2. Save photos to SD card (done)
  3. View files online (done)


  1. Full-image motion detection (done)
  2. Region-of-Interest motion detection (done)
  3. Motion localization (done)
  4. Real-world project: Intruder alarm and cloud storage


  1. Color blob detection
  2. Passing people counter
  3. Line crossing counter
  4. Real-world project: Color follower


  1. Person detection
  2. Face detection (on hold)
  3. Object recognition
  4. TensorFlow YOLO
  5. Edge Impulse
  6. Real-world project: Face Unlock

It's the most complete, advanced content you will ever find on the Esp32 camera.

By buying the pre-sale here, you will have

  1. 50% discount on retail price (19,99 $ when done)
  2. early access to chapters drafts and code
  3. partecipate in polls and feature requests to shape the contents of the book while I'm writing
  4. join the Discord community with all the other people who bought this pre-sale

As soon as the book will be done, you'll receive the full PDF file and the access to all the code samples of the book. You will also receive additional chapters of future revisions.

How much time will it take to get the book done?

I've already done PART ONE, TWO and THREE, so I expect to complete the book by the end of the year. That's not a guarantee, though.

If I don't finish the book by April 2023, you will get your money back.

I want this!

Theory, practice, code samples, video lessons, Discord community, future updates, 3 real world projects. Should I go on?

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